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Mobile Wood Grinding Service

We perform wood grinding services both on and off-site, with excavation of all types. We grind wood waste for municipalities as well as for the private sector, such as large construction sites, road sites, and developments.

While brush and wood debris collected by other companies is generally disposed of in a landfill, Kurt Bros., Inc. grinds the debris into mulch and creates compost products that are then sold to the public in the form of landscaping materials.

This grinding service also recycles and reduces the waste stream throughout the state, relieving the burden from landfills and municipalities, which is a growing environmental concern.

Kurtz Bros., Inc. accepts all wood wastes at our production site that are suitable for recycling, including both urban wood wastes and land clearing wood wastes. Below provides a brief description of acceptable and unacceptable wood wastes and contaminant limitations.

Acceptable Items
  • Untreated Wood (Crates, Pallets, Lumber Scraps, Cut-Offs)
  • Clean Soil without Vegetation, Rock or Other Debris
  • Tree Trunks and Logs up to 10” diameter
  • Organic material in Paper Lawn Bags
  • Trees, Shrubs and Garden Trimmings
  • Grass Clippings
Unacceptable Items
  • Plastic bags must be emptied and removed
  • Stumps one foot or larger
  • Treated or glued wood
  • Particle board
  • Sod

As a nation, the U.S. uses a large amount of wood and generates a significant volume of wood waste in the MSW and C&D, construction and demolition,  and waste streams. The efficient reuse and recycling of wood waste presents an opportunity to extend our timber resource, reduce consumption of new resources, conserve landfill space, reduce costs through avoided purchase/disposal fees, preserve carbon storage, reduce energy and environmental burdens of producing ‘new’ products, and create ‘green’ jobs.

The market continues to develop for reclaimed lumber products. The green building and certification movements present excellent opportunities for growth and development of this niche product.

Please contact Kurtz Bros., Inc. at 216.986.7000 for more information.



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