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Create Your Green Space Inside a Concrete Jungle

25th Nov 2013

With so many areas built mainly for business little green space exists in our cities today. People who live in cities crave a chance to escape the concrete jungle when they return to their apartment complex or home outside of a city. Kurtz Bros., Inc. has the tools to create a beautiful space customized to your liking. We specialize in rooftop garden soil to promote plant growth and environmentally friendly solutions preventing storm run off and sewer overflow. Creating a green space with little area to do so can be challenging, but rest assured our company specializes in designing unique outdoor garden areas for any type of space.

Green Infrastructure Soils:

At Kurtz Bros., we pride ourselves on recycling waste material into usable soil for rooftop green spaces. Our soil is lightweight and engineered to provide sufficient drainage needed for healthy plant growth. Supporting germination of green rooftop spaces allows for an entirely new project for you as well. Supporting the environment by designing a space that creates plant growth helps return oxygen to the atmosphere and improves our environment on many levels. Our rooftop soil promotes better air quality and filters out potentially harmful pollutants caught in soil, which ultimately hurts plant growth.

Make Your Rooftop Garden Dream a Reality:

Everyone has a different idea of what a green space should look like, and what purpose it serves. There are so many various kinds of plants, bushes, trees and flowers that can change a once concrete space to a lush garden environment. Everyone wants a place to escape too, and

Kurtz Bros., Inc.

is here to advocate for your needs and keep an environmentally friendly solution in place. Whether your company wants to create a large rooftop garden to entertain or a small home garden to support natural fruits and vegetables we have the tools to engineer your dream into a reality.

Landscaping Made Easy

Why use soil that isn’t made from recycled material when you can help promote environmentally friendly processes to improve the air quality in your city? Kurtz Bros. collects waste from construction and demolition sites by recycling usable items and turning it into soil that promotes healthy plant growth. Take it one step further and create an oasis on your rooftop to enjoy with friends or as a private garden. Utilize our compost soil and green infrastructure soil to help create a space that is beneficial to those around you, and the environment.

Use Kurtz Bros. Services to make your garden dreams a reality. We want our customers to hop on our bandwagon and start promoting a healthier environment for future generations. It all begins with you and your decision to use recycled material versus store bought material for better air quality and plant growth. Count on Kurtz Bros. for all of your landscaping needs knowing we advocate for a healthy environment and a better tomorrow.