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Laying a Brick Patio

Are you eager to have an outdoor space where you can place furniture, enjoy a cool drink, and relax with friends? Check out our guide to laying your own brick patio.Step #1.First, you'll need some tools, like a hand tamper, spade, and rake. You'll also need plastic edging, some 12-inch spikes, sand, brick pavers, and gravel.Step #2.Decide where you [...]

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How to Handle Yard Waste

Do you have a bag full of grass clippings from your yard? Perhaps you trimmed your trees and bushes, and now you have a pile of twigs and leaves sitting on your lawn. What should you do with your yard waste? How can you handle it in a way that benefits the environment?Don't Trash ItFirst of all, avoid [...]

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Fall Decor Trends for Your Porch and Yard

It's the time of year when the pumpkins and gourds and scarecrows show up in yards and on doorsteps. You might even see cobwebs and witches and ghosts appearing on your neighbor's porches. Get the scoop on some fall decor trends to make your porch and your yard look amazing.TwigsDid that last big summer storm knock some branches [...]

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Bricklaying Patterns for Patios and Paths

In a previous blog post, we talked about the steps necessary for laying your own brick patio. It's a rewarding DIY project that will give you a nice space for grilling, entertaining, relaxing, or whatever other activities you enjoy doing outdoors. Before you actually lay a patio or a path, however, you need to decide on the style and [...]

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5 Hot Landscaping Trends

Want to stay in step with other homeowners and landscaping trend-setters? We've got the scoop on the top 5 current trends in landscaping.1. Edible PlantsMany edible plants are also very attractive. Consider the family of leafy greens and lettuce, with their abundant, eye-catching foliage. Plant a mix of light green, dark green, and reddish-purple edibles that will contrast nicely [...]

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The Gardener's Guide to Fall Planting

Spring is the time for new life and growth, so naturally it's the time when everyone thinks about planting. Moms and kids grab seed packets and plastic spades, while avid gardeners invest in new tools and heirloom seeds. When fall rolls around, the fun doesn't have to be over! In fact, there are a wealth of plants that you [...]

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Insect and Pest Control Methods for Your Garden

You planted your tomatoes, or pumpkins, or zucchini plants, and watched excitedly as they grew larger and larger. You had hopes of ripe, round, healthy vegetables moving from the garden to the table at harvest time. Then one day, you noticed them— insects, all over your precious plants, sucking the life out of the harvest you were looking forward [...]

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5 Vital Strategies for Vegetable Gardening

Do you have a vegetable garden? If you're hoping for a good harvest, check out these important tips for gardeners.1. Enrich the SoilYou probably guessed this one. The quality of the soil is one of the most vital factors in the health and yield of your vegetable garden. Before you plant the first seed, take time to enrich [...]

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4 Must-Know Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn is one of the first things people see when they approach your house. It's part of that elusive package that homeowners like to call "curb appeal." Whether you're selling your home, having the boss over for dinner, or just keeping up appearances for your local homeowner's association, check out these tips for keeping your front and rear [...]

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How To Navigate Cleveland During The RNC

We're just a week away from the long awaited arrival of the Republican National Convention. Beginning this coming weekend Cleveland will be alive with politicians, delegates, aids and even in some areas protesters, leaving our city with restricted travel, heavy security and crowded sidewalks. If you plan on traveling downtown during the convention, Cleveland.com has outlined several guidelines and traffic restrictions [...]

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