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Cultivate a Healthy Environment for Beautiful Backyard Landscaping

Creating a landscape that maintains the aesthetic qualities of your lawn is important. Making sure your yard is maintained, and appears presentable brings a fresh and polished look for every home or business owner. Designing a landscape and maintaining it’s upkeep is always a process, but the first step should always be to lay down [...]

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Preserve Your Soil For Winter: Sustainable Landscaping Supplies

As the winter season quickly approaches, fall temperatures begin to drop, and you will begin to notice a layer of frost over your lawn and garden. Protecting your soil and preserving its nutrients throughout the harsh Ohio winter will benefit you as soon as spring comes around. With different tactics out there on how to [...]

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Create Your Green Space Inside a Concrete Jungle

With so many areas built mainly for business little green space exists in our cities today. People who live in cities crave a chance to escape the concrete jungle when they return to their apartment complex or home outside of a city. Kurtz Bros., Inc. has the tools to create a beautiful space customized to [...]

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Falling Leaves Crowding Your Front Yard Calls for Kurtz Bros. Inc. Leaf Removal

At Kurtz Bros., Inc. our environmentally friendly mantra keeps our clients and the residents of Cleveland happy. We are well into fall, and leaves are descending from the trees littering your front yard. You might be asking yourself, what should I do with all of these leaves? Don’t simply throw those leaves away in a [...]

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Exploring the Rooftop Garden at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

“Why would you put a garden on a rooftop?” is usually the first thing that comes to mind for people who aren’t aware of the many financial and ecological benefits of rooftop gardens. To learn more about why rooftop gardens are gaining in popularity, watch this video clip of the rooftop garden at the Children’s [...]

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The Importance of Applying the Correct Amount of Mulch In Your Garden

Applying mulch to your garden before summer begins will repress weed growth, keep soil temperature constant, and ensure that your garden has sufficient moisture—but only if you add the right amount. A garden with too much mulch loses its charm and is more likely to develop insect infestation and root problems. If you are applying [...]

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Integrating a Rooftop Garden into an Urban Home

Just because you live in an urban area like Cleveland does not mean you have to put up with water pollution caused by stormwater runoff from your home or building. One effective way to address water pollution in your area while enjoying the beauty of plants is to plant a rooftop garden. Watch this video [...]

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How Your Soil Worms Survive the Seasons

Earthworms are essential to healthy garden soil in the summertime. But until the warm weather of summer arrives, worms prefer to live deep inside the soil where it is warmer, rather than on the topsoil of your garden where it is still cold. Once the worms have burrowed far enough into the soil, they will [...]

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Save Water this Spring by Using Mulch in Your Garden

Mulch is one of nature’s most unsuspecting miracles. It may be man-made, but most types of mulch are 100% organic and offer a number of benefits to the health of garden soil. For instance, mulch stifles weeds and keeps harmful soil-dwelling organisms from reaching plant leaves and crops, making it something of a natural pesticide. [...]

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The Many Benefits of Gardening with Mulch

Mulch is one of those fascinating products that can be created from a variety of different natural ingredients and used for various purposes. To learn about the gardening applications for which mulch can prove invaluable, check out this video clip from Better Homes & Gardening. Applying a thin layer of mulch on top of your garden [...]

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