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Create a Healthier Lawn and Garden this Fall

25th Sep 2015

Just because summer is winding down and fall is slowly arriving doesn't mean that your lawn care and gardening is over! Here are several helpful tips to prepare your lawn and garden before the cruel Ohio winter rolls in.

wormdirtlogo.jpgTip #1: Fall Gardening

If you're doing any fall gardening our newly reformulated Worm Dirt Topsoil is your best choice! Enriched with worm manure, this soil is packed with the nutrients needed for your plants and vegetables to grow bigger and healthier this fall.

  • Don't forget our Worm in the Worm Dirt Contest is still going on. We've hidden Kurtz Bros., Inc. worms in 3 of our Worm Dirt Topsoil bags. The lucky winners to find the worms and turn them in will get a Fire Pit Kit valued at over $800.

Learn More About Worm Dirt

amulch-3.jpgTip #2: Protect Your Flower Beds

The freezing and thawing process associated with the changes in season can wreak havoc on your plants. We suggest applying a 2-4" layer of natural mulch to your flowerbeds that will serve as a barrier between the soil and harsh winter weather. A layer of mulch will help keep soil temperatures regulated, prevent any root damage, control water retention and soil erosion. We recommend natural mulches like our Eco or Hardwood Blend. Both are high in organic matter, which as it breaks down adds the essential nutrients back into the soil, creating a healthy growing environment during winter.

Tip #3: Prep Your Gardentomatoplantgarden.jpg

If you're done with gardening for the year and have harvested all of your goods it's time to prep your garden soil for next year's planting. Once all the plants are removed till compost into the soil. The compost will serve as an amendment and will help decrease any nutrient deficiencies your soil may have, as well as break up the soil to allow for better water retention. Composts are high in organic matter. Blending it into your gardening soil will act as a natural fertilizer. Improving the health of your garden soil now will improve the growth and healthiness of your plants come spring.

Learn About Our Composts HERE


Tip #4: Lawn Care

With the cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall, fall really is the best time to prep your lawn for next spring. Right now your lawn is absorbing the energy, nutrients and moisture it will need when it goes dormant for the winter. Spring Valley Step 4 is a slow release fertilizer that was engineered just for this type of application. Paying extra care to your lawn now will give you a lush healthy lawn come spring.

As you finish up prepping your lawn and garden for winter you might also want to stock up on your winter weather supplies. Kurtz Bros., Inc. carries a complete line of salt and firewood for all your winter weather needs!

Can't make it into a store? We've got you covered, online ordering is available! Visit us at and order today!