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How to Deal with Winter Damage to Your Yard

30th Dec 2016

Extreme winter weather is hard on the exterior of your home and on your lawn. Sometimes, you don't even know that the damage is occurring until spring, when you see the holes, sparse areas, and dead zones all across your once-beautiful yard. Discover some of the threats facing your outdoor space and find out how you can minimize the negative impact.


Voles, or meadow mice as they are sometimes called, can tunnel underneath your lawn during the cold months. They prefer the warmth and safety of the earth under your turf. Why are they bad for your yard? They actually eat up the roots and blades of your grass, causing serious damage that sometimes isn't apparent until weeks or months later.

To keep the damage under control, keep mowing your lawn as long as possible, right up until the snow falls and the grass goes entirely dormant. Make sure that you cut to a height no taller than 2 inches. Rake your lawn thoroughly to eliminate the grass clippings, leaves, and other debris that might provide comfortable hiding places for voles. If you notice issues in the spring, compensate by re-seeding, or call in Kurtz Bros., Inc. to handle the damage control for you.

Snow Mold

If you live in an area with wet, snowy winters, your lawn may be prone to snow mold. This is a kind of fungus that develops underneath the blanket of snow and continues to thrive in that moist, sheltered environment until late spring. The mold itself usually appears pinkish or grayish in color, and it causes grass blades to become matted or encrusted with fungus. As spring weather progresses, the mold itself dies out, but the damage remains in the form of dead spots or sparse areas on your lawn.

To combat snow mold, ask Kurtz Bros., Inc. about a recommended fertilization program. You'll need to use a fertilizer that enables the slow release of nitrogen and enriches the soil with ample potassium and phosphorus. Pruning, mowing, and debris removal is key to controlling this kind of lawn deterioration.

These solutions are easy to implement yourself; but if you're short on time and supplies, don't hesitate to call us. With help from Kurtz Bros., Inc., you can keeps pests and mold from ruining the lovely look of your lawn.