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How to Take Care of Your Trees After an Ice Storm

20th Dec 2016

Many part of the country can expect to get at least one or two severe winter storms. In addition, some areas may experience ice storms, in which freezing rain coats the trees and shrubs and turns them into beautiful but brittle objects. Find out to give your trees the care they need following a big winter storm.

Provide Year-Round Care

The trees that are most at risk from damage during an ice storm are those that are already diseased, damaged, or weak. Engaging tree service professionals from Kurtz Bros. Inc. throughout the year can help your trees stay healthy and enable them to resist the pressure caused by the ice. Make sure that you do all recommended preventative maintenance for your trees and ensure that they receive plenty of nutrients throughout the year.

Assess the Damage

After the storm passes, take a walk around your yard, arbor, windbreak, or other parts of your property that have trees. Look for signs of damage and makes notes so you can keep an eye on those particular trees. Trees that are leaning at new angles may be at risk of falling, and you may need to go ahead and have them cut down before they hurt property or people. Check for trees that have lost over 75% of their crowns; with such extensive damage, those trees won't be able to bounce back and will need to be removed. Find broken limbs that are hanging off the trees and identify any broken or exposed roots.

Hire an Arborist

Before you start to clear the debris on the ground, have a tree specialist come in and cut down any broken branches that are still attached to the tree. The specialist will know how to correctly prune the tree and protect the wound from disease and insect infestation. Once those hanging branches are safely removed, you can begin picking up all the twigs and fallen boughs from the ground.

Watch for Long-Term Problems

Keep watching your trees over the next few months. In the spring, note if any branches are bowing under the weight of their leaves. Drooping boughs may be a result of hidden cracks in the tree— the far-reaching effect of the ice storm.

With help from Kurtz Bros., Inc. you can keep your trees healthy and strong— the best defense against ice storm damage. We can also assist you with fallen tree removal, branch removal, and general yard cleanup and maintenance after a winter storm. Contact us today to find out more about our landscaping supplies and services.