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Insect and Pest Control Methods for Your Garden

10th Oct 2016

You planted your tomatoes, or pumpkins, or zucchini plants, and watched excitedly as they grew larger and larger. You had hopes of ripe, round, healthy vegetables moving from the garden to the table at harvest time. Then one day, you noticed them— insects, all over your precious plants, sucking the life out of the harvest you were looking forward to. If you don't want a repeat of this scenario, try some of these handy pest and insect control methods for your home garden.

Pick Off the Slugs

These tiny, slimy creatures are a real annoyance for gardeners. One way to get rid of them is just to pick them off and kill them. Another effective control method is iron phosphate bait to draw them away from your plants, or you can use diatomaceous earth.

Boost Your Soil's Health

The richer your soil is, the healthier your plants will be and the harder it will be for infections and pests to take hold. Enrich the soil with some natural compost to ensure that your plants are strong enough to withstand insects and other issues. You can also spread mulch around the plants so that it's harder for insects and pests to reach them.

Avoid Over-Watering

If your plants are staying wet for long periods of time, it's easier for fungi, pests, and insects to establish themselves. Water your garden first thing in the morning; that way the rising sun will dry the leaves quickly. It's also ideal to water the root system of the plants rather than simply sprinkling the foliage.

Introduce Natural Predators

Natural predators are one method of ridding your garden of pests. Bring in some lacewings or hover-flies to eat aphids off your plants and flowers. Capture or order ladybugs and place them in your garden to fend off whiteflies, mites, and aphids. You can also order praying mantis eggs, since these insects will mature swiftly and eat many different troublesome bugs.

Use Insecticides

To get rid of squash bugs and other hardy insects, you'll need to resort to insecticides. Keep in mind that these spray poisons will also kill the beneficial bugs, so only use them as a last resort. Make sure that you use a formula which is safe and garden-approved.

If you have a particular pest issue, contact Kurtz Brothers today. We can help you find some pest control methods that work for your garden.