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Preparing Your Grill for Winter Weather

9th Dec 2016

Maybe you're done grilling after school starts up again, or maybe you're still stubbornly standing outside in near-freezing weather, grilling up those ribeye steaks. Either way, there comes a point when it's time to admit that grilling season is over. Before you give up on the grill for the winter, you need to prepare it for the cold months so that it can serve you well next summer.

Clean It Up

Scrub down the grates, trays, and other parts of the grill to remove all of the built-up grease, food particles, and other debris. With your grill brush, some sponges, and a lot of hot water and dish soap, you can work wonders and make the grill gleam like new.

Spray Some Oil

Grab a can of cooking oil and spray down the metal parts of the grill, including the burners. The oil provides a protective coating and keeps rust at bay.

Play It Safe with the Propane Tank

Don't ever bring a propane tank indoors. If you plan to store your grill in a garage or shed, shut off the gas to the grill right at the LP tank. Take a look at your owner's manual and figure out how to take the gas tubes off the gas lines. Then wrap your burner unit in a sealed plastic bag.

Leave the disconnected tank outdoors. Store it upright, far from children's play zones, dryer vents, or furnace vents. If you're going to keep the grill outdoors all winter, you can leave the gas tank connected.

Keep Out the Critters

Spiders and bugs can crawl into parts of your grill or gas tank, looking for a cozy space to wait out the cold, build nests, or lay eggs. Make sure you wrap these exposed tubes or other areas to keep the spiders and insects out.

Cover It Up

When storing the gas grill outdoors during the winter, make sure that it stays securely covered. If you don't already have one, invest in a sturdy, water-resistant cover that's designed to fit your grill. Fasten all straps and buckles to keep the cover in place, even on windy days.

Call the Experts

For more tips about winter care for your lawn, garden, and patio area, call Kurtz Bros., Inc. We offer loads of firewood, seeds for your lawn, soil blends, waste management, mulch, and other goods and services to help your outdoor space stay healthy and beautiful year-round.