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Tips for Stacking and Storing Firewood

6th Dec 2016

As the cooler months of the year approach, you're probably looking forward to a cozy fire in your fireplace or in the fire pit out back. You'll need fuel for the wood-burning stove, fire pit, or fireplace; and if it's your first time laying in a stash of firewood, you may not be sure about the best way to store it. Check out these tips and tricks that will keep your firewood ready for action throughout the winter.

Tip #1: Dry and Season It

Firewood needs to be very, very dry in order to burn well. If you plan to cut your own firewood, you need to do so at least six months before you plan to use it. Try to cut the chunks of the log as flat as possible across the end; that way, they will stand straight and steady when you're ready to do the splitting. Season the wood or dry it out by stacking it in an open-spaced, crisscross formation to allow for better airflow.

Tip #2: Prevent Moisture Buildup

Even if you dry and season your wood thoroughly, it can get wet again and retain that moisture, making it unsuitable for burning. Store your firewood on a pallet or rack a few inches off the ground to keep it from absorbing moisture from the earth. If you're keeping the wood outdoors rather than in a barn or garage, cover the entire stack with a weatherproof tarp.

Tip #3: Check for Bugs and Rot

If you do plan to keep firewood in your garage or another outbuilding, make sure that the wood is completely dry first. Check the entire load of firewood for indications of rot. Rot can spread throughout the logs, and so can bugs, so look for those as well. Don't spray the firewood with a pesticide, because when you start to burn it, those chemicals will vaporize and you'll be breathing them in.

Tip #4: Avoid Fire Hazards

Before you choose an indoor spot for your firewood, make sure that it is in a well-ventilated area that is not damp and is far from any potential fire hazards. Don't use welders, torches, or similar tools nearby, since they might spark and start a fire. Stack dry, seasoned firewood by a level wall, about four feet high. Leave a little space for airflow between the stack of wood and the wall.

Tip #5: Order a Fresh Load of Firewood

If you haven't planned far enough ahead, you don't have old trees you can chop up, or your seasoned wood has gotten wet again, you can always purchase a load of seasoned firewood from Kurtz Bros. We deliver loads of firewood that's ready to go straight in your fireplace, and we sell various sizes from small bundles to full cords. Get ready to enjoy some cozy nights by the fire!