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Top Trends in Yard Decor for Christmas

15th Dec 2016

You're getting ready for the holidays, and you want to make sure that your outdoor decorations are on point. Here are some of the hottest trends in holiday decorating for your outdoor space.

A Rustic Christmas

Galvanized buckets and tubs are hot items right now, so repurpose these beauties from your fall decor and use them to hold small Christmas trees. You can also use birch boughs or Christmas tree clippings in smaller buckets for a woodsy effect. Don't forget to add a splash of red by way of a ribbon or two.

Double the Wreaths

Why hang just one wreath on your door when you can hang two? They'll need to match for the best effect. Hang one at eye level and the other at waist level.

The Classic Sled

An old-fashioned wooden sled is always a charming Christmas decor option. Stand it by the mailbox or against the siding by the front door and surround it with boxes wrapped in brown paper and tied up with festive bows. Garnish with some seasonal greenery, and your work is done.

The Old Red Wagon

Children and toys are a large part of Christmas, and you can pay homage to that youthful spirit by including a red wagon in your outdoor holiday decor. Place the wagon on the front porch or in the yard and load it with logs of firewood and evergreen boughs. A sprinkling of snow will make these simple ornaments even more festive.

Vintage Soda Crates

Stop by the antique store or the thrift store and grab several vintage soda crates. Stack them one atop the other and place a small galvanized bucket with a decorated Christmas tree on the top of the tower. The naturally distressed look of the soda crates will contrast perfectly with the metal of the bucket and the sparkling little tree. Place this decoration in the corner of a porch, or flank your front door with two of them.


Large lanterns of all sizes are still popular, and they look beautiful as part of your outdoor Christmas decor. For a Christmas party, cluster different sizes of lanterns on the porch, with lighted candles inside, and you'll have a warm, welcoming glow. You can add an evergreen-draped A-frame chalkboard by the door with a festive message on it.

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