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Erosion Control

  • Rip Rap

    Rip Rap

    Used to stabilize cut-and-fill slopes. Rip Rap is a layer of large stones used to protect soil from erosion in areas of concentrated runoff. Rip Rap can also be used on slopes that are unstable. Available in Limestone Recycled Aggregate.

  • Retention Walls

    Retention Walls

    Our retaining walls offer strength and durability without sacrificing attractiveness. Available in a variety of brands, sizes, textures and color.

  • SALE
    Straw Blankets Straw Blankets

    Straw Blankets

    This double netted straw blanket is best used for hillside seeding. Erosion Control Straw Blankets are biodegradable and do not include seeds or fertilizer.  

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