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Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil(R)

Kurtz Bros., Inc. has specifically developed a soil for bioretention applications. Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil® was developed with the guidance of the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District and meets the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ requirements for bi oretention Soils in the Rainwater and Land Development Manual. Made from reclaimed coarse sand and composted organics, Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil® supplied by Kurtz Bros., Inc. offers project designers sustainable benefits above and beyond standard mechanical and microbial remediation of stormwater.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent drainage characteristics
  • Easy cultivation and workability
  • Meets specifications for raingardens.

How to Buy:

Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil® is a custom blended soil that is sold on a project by project basis. To get a quote or talk about your project's needs call our Sales line at 216.986.9000 or email us at info@kurtz-bros.com


  • Bioretention Cells
  • Rain Gardens
  • Infiltration Trenches