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Classic Pavers

Unilock® Classic pavers are tried and true shapes and designs, some of which have been on the market for more than 30 years.

From traditional rectangular shapes, to larger format sizes, and with the relaxed appearance of our tumbled pavers, our Classic paver collection offers many style options to choose from.

  • Unilock Unigranite Unilock Unigranite


    Make a striking impression with the visual drama and textural richness of this beautiful accent paving stone. Manufactured using real granite chips, this paver gives you the ability to add the unmistakable majesty and character of granite to your design...

  • Stonehenge® - Classic Pavers Stonehenge®


    Set the foundation for a majestic setting by building your plans around the aged appearance of this paver. The day after your patio is installed with this paving stone it will look like it’s been there for years. That is the true beauty of...

  • Optiloc Optiloc


    A high performance heavy duty industrial pavement Optiloc is one of the best solutions for vehicular pavements. While maintaining a rectilinear look and feel, it possesses the same locking principal as its relative Anchorlock which is well recognized by...

  • Hollandstone™ Landscape Supplies Hollandstone™ Landscape Supplies


    With its wide range of colors, Hollandstone is a favorite for many because of the design flexibility it provides. Available in one size this paver can be laid in various patterns. With its wide range of colors, Hollandstone is a favorite for many...

  • Camelot™ Camelot™


    The cobblestone look with a modern twist. If you want a cobblestone look with a slight variation you’ll appreciate Camelot. Each paver in this multi-paver system is slightly rounder than your typical cobblestone-style paver. The result is...

  • Avante Ashlar Avante Ashlar

    Avante Ashlar™

    Avante Ashlar, another innovative introduction by Unilock, features a unique ashlar design with a random appearance. Each Avante Ashlar stone unit incorporates several random shapes with varying textures into one module, giving you a unique natural...

  • Brussels Block Unilock Brussels Block

    Brussels Block®

    The original tumbled paving stone that gives you that quarried look and rough-hewn texture. The appeal of this paver is its timeless warmth and beauty. With its antiqued, tumbled finish, it’s a one-of-a-kind paver that reflects the design hues of...