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Enduracolor™ Pavers

Unilock® EnduraColor products deliver durability through a perfect union: long-lasting color united with permanent strength. The top portion of each stone is engineered with concentrated color and special wear-resistant materials. This permanently united with the stone’s base – a sturdier, coarser foundation designed for remarkable strength.

  • High Quality Unilock's Il Campo product Best Unilock's Il Campo product

    Il Campo®

    With its uniquely textured surface, this remarkable paver is the ideal solution. Produced by a specialized manufacturing process, this paving stone features brushed irregular lines etched across each paver. It’s a detailed look that’s...

  • Avante Ashlar Avante Ashlar

    Avante Ashlar™

    Avante Ashlar, another innovative introduction by Unilock, features a unique ashlar design with a random appearance. Each Avante Ashlar stone unit incorporates several random shapes with varying textures into one module, giving you a unique natural...

  • Thornbury™ Thornbury™


    Thornbury’s modestly textured surface and three compatible sizes allow for a pleasing random look. For more information on Thornbury™ product line click HERE or call 216.986.7000 to speak to one of our patio stone specialists. 

  • Beacon Hill Flagstone™ Beacon Hill Flagstone™

    Beacon Hill Flagstone™

    Beacon Hill Flagstone has a very natural appearance and is ideal for almost any landscape project you can imagine. Its soft blended colors and subtle surface design gives Beacon Hill Flagstone that relaxed historic look and feel. Available in three sizes...

  • Artline™ Artline™


    The long, clean lines of new Artline reflects an emerging trend to minimalist, modern outdoor designs. Look for Artline in an exclusive number of colors that can be used separately or combined together to create graphic interest. For more information on...