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Permeable Pavers

Unilock® has been on the forefront of permeable paving in North America with European alliances that have allowed us to look into the future of how rainwater is captured, retained and managed fro growing urban areas.

Originally a commercial endeavor, permeable paving is becoming an important residential best practice. Permeable paving is important for two main reasons: first to ensure that ground water levels are restored and/or maintained, and secondly, to harvest rainwater for use in irrigation and other household uses.

  • Turfstone Paving Ston Turfstone Paving Ston


    For erosion control and supported turf. Turfstone has long been a favorite of landscape architects and engineers for areas requiring a supported turf. Its filigree design makes it an attractive and permanent solution for emergency access areas,...

  • Eco-Priora Pavestone Eco-Priora Permeable Pavers


    Architectural design with engineered performance. Available in multiple shapes, this new permeable paver is also produced using face-mix technology that will increase the durability of the product and provide better color retention. Custom colors and...

  • Permeable Interlocking Pavers Eco-Optiloc Paving


    Environmentally friendly paving continues to be on the forefront of our agenda for the future. This paver has gained world-wide acceptance as the paver-of-choice for performance, and as an environmental solution for drainage. Only the patented...

  • Thornbury™ Thornbury™


    Thornbury’s modestly textured surface and three compatible sizes allow for a pleasing random look. For more information on Thornbury™ product line click HERE or call 216.986.7000 to speak to one of our patio stone specialists. 

  • Town Hall™ Town Hall™

    Town Hall™

    With Unilock’s ever increasing focus on permeable pavers, Town Hall has been designed to satisfy both traditional and permeable installation methods while maintaining a historical worn and distressed appearance. For more information on...