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  • Brussels Fullnose™ Brussels Fullnose™

    Brussels Fullnose™

    A nice edge to any step, swimming pool, pillar or more! When a hard edge or corner is not appropriate in your landscape plan, this paving stone is the perfect solution. With its smooth, rounded exposed edge, it’s ideal for pool edges, the front of...

  • SienaStone SienaStone - Unilock


    Make a solid statement by anchoring your design with Siena Stone. Bold and dramatic, Siena Stone (over 450 lbs ea.) strikes an impressive profile when used for a wall or as treads in large outdoor staircases. An attractive solution for most heavy-duty...

  • Pisa2® Unilock Pisa2® Steps


    Tame a steep slope and create a beautiful focal point with Pisa2. The built-in setback design of Pisa2 automatically forms the correct slope, ensuring a highly stable retaining wall. Utilizing the product’s tapered components, you can form curved...

  • Brussels Dimensional System Brussels Dimensional System

    Brussels Dimensional System™

    North America's most versatile concrete landscape product just got better. Unilock is proud to introduce a superb addition to our very successful Brussels Dimensional Stone product line. We have made this system even more versatile than ever before with...

  • Ledgestone® Ledgestone®


    Rugged Elegance Ledgestone is Unilock’s universal coping system that is turning heads with its remarkably natural appearance. Featuring pitched edges to work interchangeably with any wall, the design selections are optimized. For more information...