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Deluxe Soil Knife and Sheath Combo

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**Next day delivery on orders placed after 2pm is not guaranteed. Monday delivery on orders placed over the weekend is not guaranteed. Requested delivery date & time-frame are not guaranteed. For large load deliveries please contact our sales staff at 216-986-7000 Thanks!

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Cubic Yards Calculator

Product Description


Our famous Deluxe Soil Knife, now with even more innovative features. This is one gardening tool you can't live without!

Use the Deluxe Soil Knife to plant bulbs, herbs, and flowers; divide plants; remove rocks; cut tough roots; dig up troublesome weeds; cut ties; and more! New features include:

  • Larger Diameter Hook Opening: Easily hangs on a peg rack for a clean and orderly work bench or shed.
  • Twine-Cutting Notch: No more switching tools! Easily cut plant ties and twine as you go.
  • Thumb-Rest Handle: Firm grip and improved control with a wider safety guard for comfortable all-day digging.
  • Extended Dual-Cut Serrated Edge: Sharper serrations and a longer cutting stroke allow for easier root cutting and speedy division of grasses and perennials.
  • Depth Markings on Blade: Plant at the perfect depth with precise, easy-to-read inch markings on the stainless steel blade.

New features and improvements doesn’t mean we've skimped on the rest: as always, our classic deluxe soil knife is crafted from premium, rust-resistant Swedish stainless steel. Engineered to tolerate over 300 pounds of pressure, this blade will last a lifetime. It features a tapered slicing edge and a sharp, deeply serrated side designed for quick root cutting.

A single-piece molded composite handle provides superior comfort with a curved grip and molded thumb rest. Blade is 1.75 inches wide, 11.75 inches in overall length. 


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How to Measure

How To Figure The Area Of Your Landscape Beds or The Area You Want To Mulch:

1. With a measuring tape, measure how many feet long the bed is. Then measure how many feet wide. Multiply these two figures. The total is the square foot area of that landscape bed.

2. Decide how thick you want your mulch to be (2” is average). For new landscape beds, 4” of mulch is recommended. If you are just top dressing a previously mulched bed, you may wish to use as little as 1” of mulch. Using the conversion chart below or Mulch Calculator to the right, you can figure how many cubic yards or bags of mulch, soil or gravel to order.

3. If you still have questions, please call our visit one of our stores. If you have the total area of your landscape beds calculated, we’d be glad to help you figure the amount of mulch, soil or gravel you will need.

BULK MATERIAL ONE cubic yard will cover approximately:
1296 sq. ft. 1/4″ deep
648 sq. ft. 1/2″ deep
324 sq. ft. 1″ deep
162 sq. ft. 2″ deep
108 sq. ft. 3″ deep
81 sq. ft. 4″ deep

1 square yard = 9 square feet
1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet



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