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Sediment Solutions

Sediment Management Services

Sediment is one of the most common sources of pollution in our water and is the leading cause to the impairment of our water quality and habitat. Made up of loose sand, clay, silt and soil particles that have settled at the bottom of a body of water, sediment has a huge impact not only on the environment but on the local economies as well. A buildup of sediment drastically reduces the water depth, which dramatically increases the flooding potential and risk of bank erosion, making navigating and transportation extremely difficult.

Kurtz Bros., Inc.’s Simple Solution

In order to improve our lakes, rivers and waterways, sediment management must become a priority! Nationally the buildup of sediment and sediment pollution causes millions of dollars’ worth of environmental damages annually. Kurtz Bros., Inc. has developed a suite of services that are not only sustainable and cost effective, but they will also dramatically improve the wildlife habitat and water transportation within that watershed’s region.

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