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Commercial and Residential Waste Management Services

Need help with your business waste?  

At Kurtz Bros., Inc. we offer white glove waste management and auditing solutions to help your business practice eco-friendly waste disposal and recycling.    

Rather than viewing waste management as a burden, we see it as an opportunity to not only benefit our clients, but also contribute to the health and longevity of our planet.  

We specialize in helping companies transform their waste into valuable commodities through our innovative waste-to-resource and beneficial reuse practices. Whether you operate in the municipal, construction, manufacturing, or industrial market, our strategic recyclable plans can help your company efficiently manage its waste streams. 

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Our Goal

Traditional waste disposal methods aren’t good for the environment. As the largest beneficial reuse company in the entire State of Ohio, we help local businesses find easy, effective, alternative waste management solutions that prioritize environmental responsibility.  

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives have incentivized companies to design, implement, and champion sustainable systems. With decades worth of experience in environmental consulting, we can partner with you to ensure that your activities align with best practices. 

Ultimately, we seek to empower your business to take social responsibility and enjoy significant bottom-line savings.   

Our Solutions

At Kurtz Bros,. Inc. we offer a range of eco-friendly commercial services that can help you repurpose waste into valuable commodities—those services include: 

Naturally, some of these solutions will be more labor-intensive than others, but they all support the same environmentally friendly outcome.

Disposing Of Your Waste the Right Way

Saving Money  

Implementing waste reduction programs can lead to significant cost savings for organizations, including reduced purchasing, operating, and storage expenses.   

Improving Efficiency 

Your company may lack the time, manpower, and expertise necessary to dispose of waste properly. We handle the trash for you so you can focus on value-add activities.   

Satisfying Regulatory Requirements  

Depending on your business, industry, and location, you may have legal requirements for the proper disposal of certain types of waste, especially hazardous waste. A waste management company can perform an audit and help you maintain compliance. 

Improving Your Reputation  

Modern consumers care more than ever about supporting sustainable and other socially conscious companies. Your impact on the environment—whether negative or positive—could influence consumer perceptions.    

Helping The Planet 

Our full-service waste management solutions can help you reduce waste and emissions, and recycle material that would otherwise be destined for landfills.

Contact Kurtz Bros., Inc. for Waste Management Solutions  

At Kurtz Bros., Inc. we provide waste-to-resource services for several Fortune 100 companies throughout the Midwest. As partners, we can take direct actions to reduce your footprint and alleviate your time and cost burden, so you can demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility while improving your bottom line.   

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