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Commercial Services

Kurtz Bros., Inc. (Kurtz) is a family-owned waste-to-resource company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Established in 1948, Kurtz has grown its business from manufactured soil distribution into a multi-faceted industry leader in the areas of waste management, construction & demolition debris recycling, bulk material management, landscape supply distribution, industrial by-product beneficial reuse, and stormwater and sediment management solutions. Kurtz has become a pioneer in caring for our environment and natural resources and is committed to the revitalization of our communities and will continue to support sustainable initiatives with our innovative products and services.

Our Legacy

  • Largest beneficial reuse company in the entire State of Ohio
  • Manage and distribute over half a million yards of bulk landscape supplies every year
  • Recycle over 350,000 yards of construction & demolition debris annually
  • Largest sediment recycler, and one of only two, operating in all of the Great Lakes region
  • Operate waste-to-energy anaerobic digesters for the City of Akron
  • Experienced in land redevelopment and landfill management
  • Provide best in class erosion control and stormwater management solutions with E&S Services
  • Credible reputation and decades worth of experience in environmental consulting
  • Provide waste-to-resource services for a multitude of Fortune 100 companies throughout the Midwest

Commercial Services we offer: