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Commercial Services 

Since its founding in 1948, Kurtz Bros., Inc. has grown from a soil manufacturer into a multi-faceted industry leader in commercial services. Over the years, we’ve added waste management, green infrastructure, sediment solutions, and sports turf supplies to our growing list of available offerings.  

Today, all of our commercial services are designed with sustainability and the conservation of resources in mind. We’re committed to caring for the environment and revitalizing our communities using sustainable initiatives.   

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Commercial Services We Offer   


Waste Management  

If you need help managing your business waste, Kurtz Bros., Inc. can assist. 

We currently provide waste-to-resource services for several Fortune 100 companies throughout the Midwest. To that end, we offer an array of eco-friendly waste management and auditing solutions that will help you save money and practice social responsibility, including:  


Green Infrastructure   

Are you searching for a sustainable, cost-effective, low-impact solution for managing the flow, quality, and quantity of stormwater? 

At Kurtz Bros., Inc. we can help you replace your traditional piped drainage and water treatment systems with a cleaner, greener option. Our Green Infrastructure products and services for your home and business include:  

  • Bioretention Systems 
  • Custom Soil Blends 
  • Diamond Sock 
  • Environmental Services 
  • Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil® 
  • Permeable Pavers 
  • Rainwater Harvesting 
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) 
  • Vegetative Rooftop  

To that end, we have purposefully hired respected stormwater experts who can help develop clean waterways initiatives that benefit your business and the environment.  


Sediment Solutions   

Communities, watersheds, and ports are constantly dealing with sediment-related issues. We believe the traditional system of dredging and disposal is antiquated, cost-exorbitant, and, most importantly, not eco-friendly. And so, our team has championed alternative methods for reducing the sediment burden, including:  

  • Developing beneficial reuse opportunities and sediment commoditization activities  
  • Transforming CDFs into sediment recycling facilities 
  • Implementing sediment collection technology  

We can also provide turnkey environmental consulting services, ranging from engineering and permitting to feasibility analysis.  


Sports Turf Supplies     

A modern sports field needs to be both sustainable and safe for athletes to play on. Our team has partnered with premier sports turf supply companies in the region to offer our customers a range of game-day offerings, including:  

  • Ball Diamond Clay 
  • Clay Fortifier 
  • Field Bricks 
  • Gravels and Brick Chips 
  • Infield Mix 
  • Mound Clay 
  • Processed Blue Clay 
  • Tack Surfacer 
  • Turface Products 

Our Legacy 

Having operated in this space for more than seven decades, Kurtz Bros., Inc. has evolved into one of the leading commercial services providers in all of Ohio. Here are some of our most notable achievements within the space: 

  • We’re the largest beneficial reuse company in the entire State of Ohio 
  • We manage and distribute over half a million yards of bulk landscape supplies every year 
  • We recycle over 350,000 yards of construction and demolition debris annually 
  • We’re the largest sediment recycler, and one of only two, operating in all of the Great Lakes regions 
  • We operate waste-to-energy anaerobic digesters for the City of Akron 
  • We provide waste-to-resource services for a multitude of Fortune 100 companies throughout the Midwest 

Commercial Services for Your Business and Community 

Whether you require environmental consulting services, erosion control and stormwater management solutions, or waste management assistance, Kurtz Bros., Inc. can do it all.   

For decades now, Ohio businesses have trusted us to provide sustainable initiatives, innovative products, and commercial services. 

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