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Sediment Solutions

Kurtz Bros., Inc. (Kurtz) understands that cities, watersheds, ports, and communities have a continuing responsibility to deal with sediment-related issues. As a leader in innovative waste-to-resource and beneficial reuse business practices, Kurtz views sediment management issues as an opportunity instead of a problem. With decades of experience in the soils and waste-to-resource industries, Kurtz knows that there is a better way to capture and manage sediment than the antiquated, costly practice of dredging and disposal. From alternative collection methods to transforming sediment into a valuable commodity, Kurtz offers alternative ways to reduce the burden of sediment while helping to improve the environment.

Kurtz Brothers Sediment Solutions:

1.) Beneficial Reuse:

Kurtz offers full-circle, water-to-land solutions that provide new outlets and management strategies for sediment-related material compared to traditional disposal. We develop beneficial reuse opportunities and sediment commoditization through product testing and research & development activities while focusing on reuse opportunities for regional markets. Sediment beneficial reuse product examples include topsoil/agricultural applications, construction aggregate, land redevelopment, landfill cap, engineered fill, and beach nourishment.

2.) Transforming CDFs into Sediment Recycling Facilities:

 Kurtz has first-hand knowledge in managing and processing sediment at newly created sediment recycling centers, along with expertise in developing reuse outlets for repurposed sediment. Currently, Kurtz is operating a state-of-the-art Sediment Recycling Center located in Cleveland, Ohio where sediment is received, repurposed, and reintroduced to the local market as valuable commodities for a wide variety of outlets. This same approach to sediment management can be replicated for sediment disposal facilities across the country.

3.) Sediment Collection Technology:

Kurtz has partnered with Streamside, an Ohio-based technology company, to introduce sediment collectors as an economical and sustainable approach to sediment management. Streamside Technology’s patented passive collection system uses the natural flow energy of a stream to intercept bedload sediment using simple water physics. Harvested materials are uniformly stacked and ready for immediate beneficial reuse. Collectors represent an ideal alternative to traditional dredging.

4.) Environmental Consulting:

Our team can offer a variety of sediment solutions that are based on your specific project needs. We offer turnkey services including Consulting, Engineering, Permitting, Construction, Recycling, Installation, Operation, Feasibility Analysis, as well as Marketing and Distribution.

Let Kurtz Brothers Sediment Solutions be your trusted partner for sustainable Sediment Management! To start recycling your sediment today or to talk specifically about your situation, please contact Jason Ziss at 216.986.7019.