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Bedload Interception

A new sustainable approach to sediment management exists that can help resolve sediment related issues. Streamside along with Kurtz Bros., Inc. are proud to offer Sediment Collectors which represent a new technology for sediment management that allows the natural energy of the waterway to self-harvest targeted sizes of bedload sediments.

How it Works picture1.jpg

  1. Sediment migrates up ramp
  2. Grate system screens for selective particle size removal
  3. Hopper retains the sediment until pumped
  4. Harvest sediments are pumped as slurry to placement site
  5. Water from dewatering is returned to river


img-5294-combined.jpgFeatures & Benefits

  • Scalable for a wide variety of sediment harvesting applications
  • Selectively capture and remove targeted harmful or excess bedload sediments
  • Capture excess bedload sediment during regular flows or major storm events
  • Lower downstream grade to reduce flooding and reduce sediment deposition
  • Reduce sediment deposition in navigation channels
  • Sediment can be reclaimed, providing an inexpensive source for clean sand


Notable Projects

Cuyahoga River Pilot Project



For more information on our Sediment Collectors, please call Jason Ziss at 216.986.7019


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