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CDF Management

The demand for dredging has reached an all-time high across the nation, especially in areas where tributaries, rivers and lakes play home to major navigational routes. Historically, dredged material was treated as a waste and often either disposed of in a Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) or through the process of open lake disposal. We’re proud to say that today, with the support and partnership from the Port of Cleveland, Kurtz Bros., Inc. is able to offer a revolutionary program for CDF management that will not only eliminate the need for open lake disposal, but will also greatly reduce the amount of CDF space taken up annually by dredged materials.



How It Works

The slurry from the dredging process is pumped ashore into long sluiceways or chutes. As these chutes fill, sediment will start to settle at the bottom, while the finer, contaminated materials overflow into the next chute. Once the material is fully dewatered it is stacked and sorted for use.


  • Extends the life of CDFs by dramatically reducing the amount of space consumed
  • Creates a saving for local tax payers
  • Avoids inherent risks associated with open lake dumping
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Notable Projects

  • Port of Cleveland "Plan B" Project                                                                                                                       

 For more information on CDF Management Services, Please call Jason Ziss at 216.986.7019     

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