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HotRock EcoGuard + CMA

For Premium Ice & Snow Melt, Buy HotRock EcoGuard

Want to keep your walkways free of ice and snow this winter?


At Kurtz Bros., Inc. we sell 50lb bags of HotRock EcoGuard—an eco-friendly, premium deicer that helps you prepare for icy and snowy conditions. By laying down this organic product on the pavement, you can enjoy residual ice melting throughout the winter.


This specialized rock salt is made of sodium chloride, coated with liquid magnesium chloride and organic corn-derived ice melter, and treated to be effective in temperatures as low as -20°F.

Eco-Friendly De-Icer 

HotRock products are made from the world’s most desirable sodium chloride deposits—SSM rock salt. In addition, it’s coated with a proprietary blend of organic corn-derived and magnesium chloride ice melt liquid blend to create a barrier between salt and metal. That makes it four times less corrosive and that much better for the environment.

Easy Application  

HotRock de-icers can be laid down quickly and easily. The formulated blends are dyed in bright hues for precision application control and improved spreadability. And with EcoGuard + CMA, the liquid coating is tackier and weightier, resulting in less bounce and scatter. As a result, you can use 25% less product and achieve the same results.

Preventative Safety 

The optimal use for rock salt is to lay it down before the storm hits—not after. EcoGuard’s organically derived liquid coating creates an anti-stick barrier that prevents ice from bonding in the first place. But, even after a storm, it decreases snow and ice hardpack, making it easier to scrape the pavement after a major snowfall. 

Traction and Safety 

Slips and falls can occur even in the best conditions. But when the ground you tread is covered in ice, the odds of injury multiply tenfold. Laying HotRock EcoGuard can instantly melt snow, prevent ice from forming, and add traction to your walkways. 

Safer for the Environment  

HotRock EcoGuard is less corrosive, longer lasting, and has reduced bounce and scatter. As a result, you need to use less of the product, which is better for the environment and your wallet.

50lb HotRock EcoGuard + CMA De-Icing Bags 

At Kurtz Bros., Inc. we sell high-quality HotRock de-icing products. By purchasing these precisely formulated blends of rock salt, you can prepare for winter, safeguard your walkways, and protect the environment. 

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