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High-Quality, Seasoned Full Cord of Firewood from Kurtz Bros., Inc.

Do you need firewood to warm up your home or fuel your outdoor fire pit? 

Refill your winter tinder supply at Kurtz Bros. You can buy a full cord of high-quality, seasoned wood that’s been properly cured, split, and is now ready for pick up.


It lights easily and burns hot and slow.

Seasoned Wood

Even if you have available wood and a log splitter, fresh-cut wood—also known as “green wood”—doesn’t burn properly. Uncured wood tends to have a high moisture content, which makes it hard to light and extra smokey, and contributes to creosote buildup in chimneys (a major fire hazard).


Our wood has been fully dried and seasoned for at least 6 months. You can check the cracks in the ends to see for yourself. 

Split and Stacked

Each piece of wood in the full cord has been cut to the perfect length, stacked, and then bundled for easy pick-up, transport, and storage. 

What’s a Full Cord?

A cord is a unit of measurement for firewood. Stacked tightly with the pieces running parallel, a cord is 128 cubic feet of firewood, typically measuring 8 feet long, 4 feet deep, and 4 feet high.

How Long Will a Full Cord Last? 

This depends on the number and size of fires you make. The standard rule is that a 1,000 ft2 home will require three cords of wood for a season.


If wood is the only fuel used to heat your home, a cord can last for up to 6 weeks. But, if you’re only occasionally burning wood, it regularly lasts several months.

Heat Your Home with a Cord of Firewood

Whether you need a full cord of seasoned wood, a bundle of wood, or a fire pit to burn it in, Kurtz Bros. has all of your home-heating and fire-stoking needs. 




Full Cord of Seasoned Firewood
Disclaimer: We do our best to keep our firewood products uniform; however, variations in feedstock may result in our firewood fluctuating in length and width. Due to the process of both shipping and loading, it is common to see wood chips and smaller wood debris mixed within the firewood.

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