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Compost is an organic soil amendment that drastically improves the workability and nutrient levels of any existing soil. The organic components of leaves, grass, and plants naturally balance pH levels and improve the soil’s ability for long term nutrient storage. Just as fertilizer feeds your plants, compost feeds your soil! We have different types of compost to attend to a variety of soil needs– from vegetable gardens to trees, our compost can help. Explore the benefits of each compost to choose the best product for your garden!

  • NutriBlend Compost NutriBlend Compost

    NutriBlend Compost

    NutriBlend Compost is one of the leading composts available in the market today! Aged to perfection, packed with ALL plant essential elements, and possesses the highest levels of Macro-nutrients of any of the composts that we offer. Nutriblend is high in...

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  • Earthblend Leaf Compost Premium Earthblend Leaf Compost

    EarthBlend Compost

    NOT AVAILABLE AT OUR STRONGSVILLE STORE.  Comprised of leaf compost and our yard waste compost, EarthBlend Compost is rich in organics and specially screened to produce a rich, high-quality product. Creates an excellent growing environment when...

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  • Sweet Peet Sweet Peet

    Sweet Peet

    Sweet Peet® is a 100% organics product made from composted ingredients harvested from local farming operations. Used as a mulch, its rich, dark color and natural texture are the perfect visual enhancement in any landscape setting. Unlike cedar, pine...

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  • Peat Moss Peat Moss Bale - 3.8 Cu. Ft.

    Peat Moss Bale - 3.8 Cu. Ft.

    Peat Moss is an organic soil amendment that can be used in a variety of planting applications. Peat moss loosens compacted soil and improves water retention, aeration and drainage. Common uses: New lawn preparation and vegetable gardens. 3.8 Cubic Feet.

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