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Diamond Sock


Diamond Sock™ is a high quality compost filter sock that is your fail-proof solution to sediment control. The socks are made out of filter fabric and filled with a premixed blend of Kurtz Bros., Inc. mulch and compost. Diamond Sock™ is the perfect replacement to silt fence and other forms of sediment control. 


  • Easy to install and remove, does not require trenching
  • Provides intimate contact with the ground
  • Has a higher permeability than silt fence
  • Reusable
  • Diamond Sock can be placed in most environments
  • Available on a pallet in a 190 ft. continuous piece or eighteen 10 ft. pre-cut sections and comes in 8, 12, 18, or 24-inch diameters
  • Delivery available to your jobsite
  • More cost effective and efficient than other forms of sediment control



  • Economical, competitively priced similarly to traditional means of sediment control
  • Simple, reduces stress of installation and removal
  • Positive environmental impact, allows for cleaner water to pass through while preventing pooling and flooding
  • Reusable, able to easily move and re-install
  • Flexible, easier to use on frozen or uneven ground, paved areas and small drainage ways
  • Readily available, with pallets you're capable of installing when you want, where you want with your people
  • Durable, tougher than field install netting and prevents water from flowing underneath
  • Peace of mind, no more write-ups from inspectors or increased costs associated with failed silt fence
  • Cost effective


  • Diversion Berm
  • Perimeter Control
  • Slope Interruption
  • Inlet Protection
  • Ditch Check

How It Is Sold:

Diamond Sock™ is sold in one continuous 190-foot section, or it can be separated into either 10-foot or 20-foot sections. Diamond Sock™ is available in various diameters and netting based on your specific project’s needs.



Notable Projects:

  • Akron Sewer Outfall Cap

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