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From eye-catching driveways, to stunning patios, to serene landscapes, Belgard offers an array of hardscape products to complement your home and help you create the perfect dreamscape. Though they specialize in a number of styles of landscape and patio paver products, including permeable and interlocking pavers, they also specialize in retaining walls, finishes, and other applications such as fire pits and outdoor ovens. 

  • Wellington Wall Wellington Wall

    Wellington Wall

    One of the newest additions to the Belgard line of wall products, Wellington Wall® is perfect for creating stunning landscape solutions as well as simple garden walls. From terraces and retaining walls to columns and raised flower beds, this wall...

  • Weston Stone™ Retaining Wall Weston Stone™ Retaining Wall

    Weston Stone™ Retaining Wall

    The flexibility of Weston Stone is unmatched. Its natural stone appearance allows for a wide range of applications and design options. This double-sided wall is the ideal choice for garden walls, pillars, outdoor kitchens and planters...

  • Ashlar Tandem™ Ashlar Tandem™

    Ashlar Tandem™

    Ashlar Tandem provides the look and feel of chiseled stone with the easy installation of the Tandem Wall platform. Virtual joints and multiple sizes allow for a seamless connection between units. Applications: Fire...

  • Belair Wall® 2.0 Belair Wall® 2.0

    Belair Wall® 2.0

    Belair Wall® 2.0 is ideal for retaining and freestanding wall construction where aesthetics are a key consideration. The attractive multipiece design and blended colors offer an alternative look to traditional retaining wall blocks. Belair Wall 2.0...

  • Eco Dublin® Eco Dublin®

    Eco Dublin®

    Belgard brings the classic look of cut stone together with contemporary materials technology in Eco Dublin®, the latest addition to our Environmental Collection of permeable paver systems that reduce water run-off...

  • Urbana® Stone Paver Urbana® Stone Paver

    Urbana® Stone Paver

    Urbana® Stone's chiseled textures and contours combine with its random shapes and patterns to recall the look and feel of vintage cut stone. Urbana is offered in a versatile, three-piece modular system with an optional large square that adds a...

  • Belgard Turfstone™ Belgard Turfstone™

    Belgard Turfstone™

    The unique design of Turfstone™ allows rainwater to be gradually filtered back into the soil naturally, resulting in the control and stabilization of soil erosion. Its eco-friendly design reduces run-off and allows greenery to grow right through...

  • Old World Paver™ Old World Paver™

    Old World Paver™

    Recalling the narrow, cobbled streets of Europe, Old World Paver™ is crafted with a natural stone cleft finish for the look and feel of time-worn cut stone. Strong and durable, Old World is perfect for high- traffic areas and offers a wide range of...

  • Mega-Arbel® Mega-Arbel®


    Mega-Arbel® gives homeowners the perfectly integrated, natural-looking hardscapes they desire. Its scale is similar to natural flagstone. With its irregular shape and textured surface, Mega-Arbel creates outdoor spaces that flow harmoniously into the...

  • Lafitt® Rustic Slab Lafitt® Rustic Slab

    Lafitt® Rustic Slab

    Lafitt® Rustic Slab features the look and texture of cut slate combined with the lasting strength and staying power that are hallmarks of Belgard pavers. Three shapes allow for a wide variety of design options, giving homeowners the ability to create...

  • Lafitt® Paver Lafitt® Paver

    Lafitt® Paver

    Lafitt® features the most natural-looking texture available in a modular paver. These pavers combine the look and feel of a cut flagstone with the strength and long-term durability customers expect from Belgard. Modular shapes allow for ample design...

  • Dublin Cobble® Paver Dublin Cobble® Paver

    Dublin Cobble® Paver

    A true classic, its gently distressed surface and antiqued edges whisper quiet, timeless sophistication. Smaller than Bergerac and featuring a wide array of shapes, Dublin Cobble® creates a casually elegant, time-worn look recalling the hand-laid...