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We would like to extend our appreciation to your business. You have exceeded our expectations for both the trucking with Infinite Commerce Enterprises, and the purchasing of topsoil for D Jacob Industries. The services you provide are unbeatable. From management to staff you have a great team, and are setting the bar for others to follow. We look forward to more success with you in the future.

Daniel Ganim, Managing Member at Ganim Company - 2019

This letter is to offer compliments to the staff at your Canal Rd. location. The staff at this location goes above and beyond what any other supply store does! From my knowledge of this business, Kurtz Bros. products, delivery service, expedited loading and customer service are more than exceptional! I received a phone call from Ronnie Wells one of your employees, about a month ago asking about my yearly sales and who I was buying most of my products from. In our brief conversation I explained to Ronnie that my main issue with Kurtz Bros. was your location. He asked me what kind of projects I had coming up and would need his service with. I explained to Ronnie that I get my materials from many different places, to save on cost. Ronnie explained he’s a “one stop shop” for all the upcoming projects I have. Some of the products I didn’t even know Kurtz sold! So, I decided to give him a few jobs with rather large quantities of materials and he delivered as promised. Ronnie also worked with me on the cost of my projects. The entire staff in the store was very quick to bid these jobs out with accuracy and efficiency. Needless to say, I will give Ronnie all my jobs from this day forward.    

Rodney Alberino, Owner at Four Points Landscaping LLC. - 2019


"We have been a customer of Kurtz for over 20 years.  We use Kurtz as our main supplier.  The staff has always been very professional and has exceeded our expectations.  They make us feel important.  Our supplies are always delivered on time.  If there is ever a problem it is dealt with quickly and remedied.  Several years ago we even moved our office down the road from the Willowick location.  This has cut down on labor and helped make Purgreen more profitable."

John A. Schwartz Jr., Purgreen Group, LLC  - 2017
“Products are very good quality, fairly priced, very good customer care with knowledge of what we purchase and our experience has been top notch. Staff is easy to work with, willing to help and we will continue to do business with Kurtz because of staff and fair prices.”

Eli's Landscaping & Design, Inc.


“There are many reasons why we continue to use Kurtz Bros: Great customer service, excellent products, fair pricing, many different in stock products and on time deliveries. The greatest benefit is that we only receive compliments for the products we use from Kurtz Bros... No Complaints!”

Angelo Fappiano-2016

M.A.L. Enterprises, Inc.


“We use Kurtz Bros for a variety of different reasons. One being the quality of materials. They always have great products. Their products are always in stock as well. Very rarely are they out of something when we need it. They always have a driver for us. If we ever need a last minute delivery they are always on point. Also, the number of locations is huge. Since we work all over the Cleveland area it is nice to be able to use one supplier and have one continuous account. And lastly, the people. We have had a great experience with pretty much anyone who works at Kurtz. From Cameron at the Wickliffe location (which we use the most) to the drivers, the other staff at the other locations, the people at the main office, etc... Kurtz Bros staff is always polite, courteous and doing whatever it takes to make sure we have what we need.”

Robert Kennedy - 2016

President/CEO, The Kennedy Companies, LLC


"Thank you... we’ve found that plants performed best when planted in your media. From past experience, we also like your container media because it drains well which reduces the chance of root rot; it resists soil-based pathogens; and it releases nutrients slowly, providing nutrients throughout the growing season."

Vanessa Muilenburg

Post-doctoral Research Scientist Department of Entomology


"Thank you for all your help this past summer/fall with our recycling project. You were a huge help with the documentation, and you even helped me stay in line! Hope to do business with you in the near future, thanks again!"

Tim Hatcher

Wyco Environmental


"I have been working with Kurtz Bros., Inc. for the better part of 14 years. I have always appreciated the quality of their products and their knowledgeable staff. As a small landscaping/home improvement company, it is important to run our business efficiently. Kurtz Bros., Inc. has allowed us to do so with their multiple sites, exceptional product availability, convenient yard waste recycling and their reliable delivery services. I look forward to working with Kurtz Bros., Inc.for many years to come. Thank you Kurtz Bros!"

David R. Teper

President, Tep's Enterprises Of Medina


"I love everything about Amerimulch! The color, the price, and the fact that it’s always in stock. All Purpose Topsoil is the best! I’ve tried just about all the competitors’ soils and (KB) topsoil is the best. I recommend it to anyone who asks."

Mark Freda

Owner, Seasonal Solutions


"I love the TechnaGro. Anything will grow in it. It’s the best! I like the Amerimulch because it’s nice and fluffy. Deliveries always show up in a timely manner and the customer service is unmatched."

Eli Bahar



"Kurtz Bros. is my one stop shop for all my landscape needs. They supply me with everything from baseball field mix to low-voltage lighting. Whether I am bidding a project, or finishing a job, their immediate assistance is only a phone call away. I like the friendly and prompt service I receive. Kurtz Bros' staff helps to make my job easier. THANK YOU!!!"

Jason Urban

Landscape Manager