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Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil®


Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil® is a custom soil media that was designed for use in bioretention applications. Developed with the guidance of the 

Made up of reclaimed coarse sand and composted organics, Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil® offers project designers a sustainable benefit above and beyond standard mechanical and microbial remediation of stormwater.Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation this custom soil media meets the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ requirements for bioretention soils.

Features & Benefits:dsc-0049.jpg

  • Excellent drainage characteristics
  • Easy cultivation and workability
  • Meets specifications for raingardens.

How to Buy:

Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil® is a custom blended soil that is sold on a project by project basis.




  • Bioretention Cells
  • Rain Gardens
  • Infiltration Trencheshyrdo-clear-bioretention-soil.jpg

 Notable Projects:

  • West Side Market - 2016
  • Madison Park Frontage - 2015
  • Lakewood Parks - 2015 (Solstice Steps)
  • Slavic Village - 2014
  • Dougway Interceptor
  • MLK Fairhill (2016)
  • Regional Urban Agriculture


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