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Vegetated Rooftop Mix Topsoil

Vegetative Rooftops, or Green Roofs, is a layer of vegetation that has been installed on top of a flat or sloping roof for the purpose of stormwater management.  These roofing systems are made of layers of waterproofing, root repellant, drainage systems, filter cloth, plants and the crucial component being a lightweight growing medium.bigstock-rooftop-garden-32860742.jpg

Kurtz Bros., Inc. has developed a lightweight soil specifically designed to allow sufficient drainage for proper agronomic growth while meeting the engineered weight standards for a rooftop garden application. Our mixes can be customized to meet any specifications.

Product Use:

  • Designed for use in rooftop gardens and “Green Buildings” or other areas where a lightweight soil is applicable.

Features & Benefits:


  • Lightweight, easy cultivation and workability
  • Meets specifications for vegetated rooftop soils
  • Qualifies for credits toward LEED certification
  • Allows for optimal root growth without adding excessive weight to the structure
  • Improves plant survival rate in urban environments
  • Mix can be customized to meet any specifications
  • Excellent drainage characteristics
  • Satisfies the requirements of multiple plant types and growing conditions

How to Buy:

Our Vegetated Rooftop Mix Topsoil is custom blended and sold on a project by project basis.



Notable Projects:

  • A Loft Building
  • Veale Center at Case Western Reserve


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