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With our variety of soils you are sure to find the perfect match for your garden, yard, or project! Each of our soils have been screened for improved use and workability. We have different topsoils for all conditions to ensure your landscapes are healthy and beautiful all year round. Check out our blog and explore our library of resources to help you find the soil that best fits your needs!

  • All-Purpose Topsoil All-Purpose Topsoil

    All-Purpose Topsoil

    All-Purpose Topsoil provides consistent results when applied to planting beds, lawn establishment, and other general landscape construction projects. It is a dark, uniform, soil that meets the needs of a variety of applications. Our All-Purpose Topsoil...

  • SuperSoil SuperSoil


    Our best topsoil! SuperSoil produces excellent results when applied to planting beds, vegetable gardens, lawn establishment and general landscape construction projects. Rich in organic matter, this product provides essential nutrients and helps retain...

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    All Weather Planting Mix All Weather Planting Mix

    All Weather Planting Mix

    A compost based planting mix that can be used in any weather for shrub and tree beds, raised planters, flower gardens and more. This mix is high in organic matter for optimal moisture retention and nutrient availability. All Weather Planting Mix also...

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  • Bagged Topsoil Bagged Topsoil

    Bagged Topsoil

    Net volume: 1 cubic foot Product Use New lawns Patching or filling in holes Leveling low areas Top Dressing for lawns and gardens Indoor/outdoor plants Features & Benefits Mixture of organics and sand Instructions for Use New...

  • Bagged Potting Soil

    Bagged Potting Soil

    Net volume: 1 cubic foot Planting Directions Wash pot with hot water to destroy harmful bacteria.  Make certain pot has adequate drainage. Remove plant from old container by turning up-side down at tapping. Make certain old soil which clings...

  • CU-Structural Soil CU-Structural Soil Kurtz Brothers

    CU-Structural Soil™

    CU-Structural Soil™ is a two-part system comprised of a rigid stone “lattice” to meet engineering requirements for a load-bearing soil, and a quantity of soil, to meet tree requirements for root growth. The lattice of load-bearing...