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Construction & Demolition Recycling

Kurtz Bros., Inc. continues to earn an excellent reputation for serving the construction, demolition and recycling needs of industries throughout Ohio.
Finding beneficial reuse opportunities for what others consider waste is what keeps us, and the industries we help, remain sustainable. We have a wide range of solutions that incorporate recycled materials. These actions help to extend the life of bulging landfills and tremendously benefit our fragile environment.

No other C&D recycling facility around compares to ours. We have the experience, the equipment and a POWERHOUSE of a Material Reclamation Facility (MRF)! Kurtz Bros., Inc. is proud to state that the MRF has helped recycle more than 75% of the debris we accept. Not only are our recycled products structurally sound to meet your project’s needs but they are the most economical in price.

Material has to be sized 8” or larger Material 8” in size or less Plastic bags, garbage, trash and bagged material
Metal Dry wall; plaster Auto parts
Rough and finished lumber or wood Ceiling tiles Street sweepings
Hard fill (concrete, brick, granite, block, stone and rock) Glass and window frames Industrial solid waste
Plumbing fixtures, piping Pulverized material Furniture, bedding
Wiring and fixtures Roofing material Sludge, oil soaked wood
Cardboard Carpet Regulated asbestos
Branches, logs, greater than 12” in diameter  Plastic Large appliances
  Concrete with styrofoam Containerized materials; liquids
  Painted/treated wood Hazardous wastes
  Composite wood Tires
  Burnt wood Batteries
  Railroad ties, telephone poles Fluorescent light bulbs


*Some Non-Recoverable items can be recycled with additional processing. A 2-week notice is required prior to acceptance so proper arrangements can be made. Please call 216.986.9000 or your Account Manager for more information or to arrange your next project.

Cleveland Area Drop-OFF 

950 Valley Belt Road, Brooklyn Heights = 216.986.7035



Choosing recycled aggregate for your next project is a great way to save money in an environmentally friendly way.

Kurtz Bros., Inc. offers the delivery of different types of aggregate, including recycled aggregate, for a wide variety of uses. Not only are our crushed aggregates green and economical, but they’re also extremely versatile. They’re used at job-sites across Northern Ohio, for everything from landscaping drainage to concrete and asphalt construction.


Recycling asphalt and concrete for use in recycled aggregate provides the benefits of:

  • Reduced use of landfill space.
  • Lower costs for heavy materials hauling.
  • Saves our natural virgin stone resources.
  • Decreased energy costs for transporting materials long distances.
  • Reduced cost of road base material to the end user. Recycled aggregate is 60% cheaper than virgin stone.
  • Earned credits for the LEED Green Building Rating System.

The most common applications of our recycled concrete aggregate are:

  • New road base material
  • Filling for the area around new foundations or buildings
  • Sub base for patio’s, walks, & driveways.
  • Fill for utility trenches


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