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Construction & Demolition Recycling

Kurtz Bros., Inc. is a company pioneering the use of recycled commercial and industrial byproducts, byproducts which are now finding homes within the landscape and construction industries. Our Material Reclamation Facility is unique to the area – nothing in the state compares to its capabilities. Kurtz Bros., Inc. currently recycles materials ranging from hardwood byproducts, green waste trimmings and bio-solids to steel slag and spent non-toxic foundry sand.

Kurtz Bros., Inc can help your business earn LEED credits by documenting the incoming materials to our construction demolition facility and sort thru what can be recycled. We can also provide dumpsters to help you transport recycled materials to and from your job-site to our landfill. Whether you want to achieve LEED accreditation or strive for a LEED certification for your project, Kurtz Bros., Inc. can take you through the steps to meet your goals. Contact us at 216.986.7000 and ask to speak with one of our LEED Experts.

Choosing recycled aggregate for your next project is a great way to save money in an environmentally friendly way.

Kurtz Bros., Inc. offers the delivery of different types of aggregate, including recycled aggregate, for a wide variety of uses. Not only are our crushed aggregates green and economical, but they’re also extremely versatile. They’re used at job-sites across Northern Ohio, for everything from landscaping drainage to concrete and asphalt construction.


Recycling asphalt and concrete for use in recycled aggregate provides the benefits of:

  • Reduced use of landfill space.
  • Lower costs for heavy materials hauling.
  • Saves our natural virgin stone resources.
  • Decreased energy costs for transporting materials long distances.
  • Reduced cost of road base material to the end user. Recycled aggregate is 60% cheaper than virgin stone.
  • Earned credits for the LEED Green Building Rating System.

The most common applications of our recycled concrete aggregate are:

  • New road base material
  • Filling for the area around new foundations or buildings
  • Sub base for patio’s, walks, & driveways.
  • Fill for utility trenches


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